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Engineering Services Are Our Passion

Focusing on your facilities infrastructure provides a facility with 4 main benefits:

1. Enhanced efficiency

Well-maintained engineering services, such as HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems, can operate more efficiently, which can result in cost savings and reduced energy consumption.

2. Improved safety

Properly maintained engineering systems can help prevent accidents and ensure the safety of facility occupants. For example, regular inspections of electrical systems can identify potential hazards, such as overloaded circuits, and prevent electrical fires.

3. Increased lifespan of equipment

Regular maintenance and repairs of engineering equipment can extend its lifespan, saving on replacement costs and reducing downtime.

4. Compliance with regulations

Many engineering systems are subject to regulatory requirements, such as building codes, environmental regulations, and workplace safety standards. Ensuring that these systems are properly maintained can help keep a facility in compliance with these regulations, avoiding potential penalties or legal issues.

Absolute Facilities Group is focused on helping facility owners and operators achieve the most efficient, safe and reliable operations possible for their unique facilities.


Increasing system efficiency saves money and enables a quicker recovery from unforeseen disasters


Implementing proper preventative maintenance practices protects assets and ensures stable operations

Services Provided

(but never limited to)

Room Pressurization Surveys

Air Balancing and Troubleshooting of HVAC Systems

Steam Trap Surveys and Assessments (RFID Tagging and Energy Report)

Infrared Surveys on electrical equipment

Retro-Commissioning and Local Law 87 Energy Audit services and repair work

Energy Assessments of Buildings and Systems

Benchmarking Energy Usage and Provide Compliance with Local Law 33

Energy Star Portfolio management

Assessment of Building Readiness for NYS Climate Act and Local Law 97

Review and Development of Preventive Maintenance Programs for HVAC Systems

Project Oversight and Management for HVAC Upgrades, Replacements, and New Installations

Facility Condition Assessments

Base Building Inspections

Vendor Contract Review and Recommendations

Environmental Investigations including IAQ and Methane Gas Testing

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