Fire / Smoke Dampers

Inspection & Documentation

The following services and procedures are conducted for all fire / smoke damper projects. All services and procedures are adjusted in accordance to the client’s needs.

Verification of damper location

Labeling damper location and ID# on ceiling grid and life safety drawings.

Tag damper

Using Absolute Fire Barrier Services label identifying damper ID, inspection date and pass or fail rating.

Damper Access

Determination of access to damper access door, damper blades and external components.

How We Work

Picture of damper in its current state “Before”.

Clean each damper of any debris that would impede normal operation.

Lubricate damper track.

Removal of fusible link.

Picture of damper in its closed state “After”.

If the fusible link is damaged, painted or the incorrect rating it shall be replaced with a new fusible link.

If the damper is a smoke and combination type damper the power source shall be removed from its actuator in order to verify damper closure.

If the testing of the damper fails or is inaccessible a best solutions recommendation will be given for correction at a later time.

Solutions to inaccessible dampers; installation of access doors, relocation of dampers, rated wall reconfiguration, fire rated duct insulation, etc…

Damper assessment spreadsheet detailing damper ID#, location, ductwork size, damper type, fusible link rating, pass/fail status, correction recommendation, and additional comments.

Quarterly project progress reports will be generated for client updating and oversight.

Corrective Measures

Access Doors

Installation of sheet metal access doors, access doors in solid ceilings, and rated access doors in shaft walls.


Relocation of fire/smoke damper.

Damper assembly

Installation, repairs and/or replacement of damper assembly, actuators and/or linkage.

Rated duct insulation

Install rated duct insulation in the event the damper is located to far from the wall.

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