Fire / Smoke Doors

Our Specialty Is Compliant Fire Doors

The following services are offered for all fire / smoke door projects. All services are adjusted in accordance to the client’s needs.

Building Management Program (BMP)

Collaborate with client to develop and implement Building Management Program (BMP); scheduled frequency inspections, maintenance and/or repairs to the facilities rated doors.

Fire shutters and chute door

Inspection of the building’s 90 min, 45min, fire shutters and chute doors. Repair, replace and/or maintain within compliance all fire rated barrier doors.

Electronically recorded

Electronically place all rated barrier doors and their corresponding ID#’s on facility’s building drawings.

Barcode facility’s rated doors and electronically record all deficiencies.

Verification of proper door rating, door rating label, positive latching, penetrations, hardware, allowable gaps, vision panel compliance and self closing.

Test, install and repair electronically hold open devices (door magnets).

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